Friday, 18 March 2011

Batman: Arkham Asylum

There are many heroes on the market, but this particular one decided to blow all of his dead dads cash on gadgets, weapons and armor. He then physically trained himself for many years and has now dedicated his life to punching bad dudes in the face. Batman is a bad mother fucker and this game proves it!

The Joker has taken over Arkham Asylum and unleashed, not only the thug-like goons, but also a plethora of mentally challenged [yet very appealing] super villains. You'll spend most of your game either sneaking, or strutting around and smashing the shit out of large gangs of inferior inmates. You do have plenty of cool gadgets to use [including x-ray vision], but punching people in the face seems to work just fine. The Super Villains are a highlight for the game. All visually interesting with great dialog they offer fun encounters [mostly involving you punching them in the face] and all do a great job of making the batman universe seem 'cool'. The Asylum itself is a pretty vivid place to explore and the visuals are definitely a treat to look at.

The game is way better than any of the Batman films have managed to be and has some really interesting story lines, set pieces and twists. Also, that dickhead Christian Bale isn't in it, which is a bonus. 

Its cheap to buy now, so no excuses!

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