Friday, 18 March 2011

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time

I'm a Lombax with guns.. lots of guns.. BIG guns! I can turn enemies into dust in seconds. I can fill those filthy little fuckers with ripper blades, trap them in nets and electrocute them, or freeze them and shotgun them in the face. I have a rocket launcher and a plasma ray-gun that can obliterate them. In my pocket I carry Tesla coils and a sniper laser. These are just the basics. I can also throw enemies into a fit of dance-fever with my Groovitron, Summon dark creatures from the Rift and if all else fails theres always trusty old Mr. Zurkon. Before I move on, Mr. Zurkon is quite possibly the best fucking weapon EVER! 

"Mr. Zurkon does NOT come in peace."

Oh, I forgot to mention, not only am I the baddest mother fucker in the galaxy, but i also have a robot buddy, rocket shoes and a spaceship! 

This game is pretty special though. I can't help but think its a true gift to gamers and should NOT be missed. Our world seems preoccupied with realism, modern warfare, serious conflicts and awfully fucking foul mouthed soldiers. What your all missing is this absolute gem of a game. Its production values are through the roof, not with realism, but with some of the most beautiful, colourful and creative alien planets to grace the HD generation. Its full of genuinely funny characters and one-liners. The enemies are exciting to fight and your weapons are even more exciting to use. The game is split between three play-styles. One half is an 'if it moves kill it' type game. All the [upgradable]  weapons at your disposal with plenty of dick enemies to destroy. The second half is a puzzle/platforming game with some seriously clever puzzles. Not too taxing and a pleasure to solve. The third... ummmm, half?! is a space combat game [like starwing] which allows you to travel from planet to planet and shoot shit up.

I don't think I need to say anymore really. Its a fucking brilliant game, with fucking brilliant graphics and fucking brilliant characters. Its a decent length, has a pretty decent tale to tell and thoroughly entertaining throughout. Do yourself a favour and stop being a Call of Duty dick. Go and buy Ratchet & Clank future: A Crack in Time.

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